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Marrakech Artisan - Fatima's Kitchen

Ever since I was a little girl growing up in my hometown El Jaddida (in Morocco this means ‘The New City’), I have enjoyed cooking alongside my mum, learning her beautiful recipes and savouring every bite of her great food.

Circumstances were quite difficult, my home town being poor) and food was what always picked us back up. I hoped by learning to cook I could share that delight, and put a smile on someone else’s face.

Creating amazing food has always been my greatest aspiration, but amazing food has to be authentic. This is what I hoped to achieve by opening Marrakech Artisan, that I could share those authentic tastes of home. Tagines cooked to perfection in traditional stoneware, baklava with that superbly crispy filo pastry and baba ganoush with that extra smokiness to the aubergines.

The restaurant has been a brilliant journey for me, trying to learn how to Westernise some of those great dishes, and Veganize to accommodate the varied lifestyles of the Old Town of Hastings (try and tell me the food isn’t even better).

The atmosphere is also testament to restaurants I visited back home, dazzling myriad faced Moroccan lamps adorn the ceiling, traditional decorative plates and various menageries cover every surface, like the brilliant souks of home and you’ll always be greeted with a big smile to make you feel completely welcomed.


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